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Full Discography: 


Eco & Jennifer Rene – Running (Monoverse Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 
Monoverse – Chasing Lights [FSOE Excelsior] 
Anden – Kerry (Monoverse Remix) [Euphonic] 
Monoverse – Meridian [Garuda] 


Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Heart Call (Monoverse Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings] 
Monoverse – Avenoir EP [FSOE Excelsior] 
Andy Tau & Katherine Amy – Fall (Monoverse Remix) [Infrasonic Recordings] 
Monoverse – End Game [FSOE Excelsior] 
Monoverse & Nando – Amarain incl. Assaf Remix [Enmotion Music] 
Jonas Hornblad – Day Before Tomorrow (Monoverse Remix) [Cloudland Music] 
Monoverse & Orsa – Empyrea [Lange Recordings] 
Monoverse – Zenosyne [FSOE Excelsior] 
Monoverse – Powerplay [Coldharbour Recordings] 
Mike Saint Jules & Amy Kirkpatrick – Galaxy (Monoverse Remix) [AVA Recordings] 


Alexander Zhakulin – Cynosura (Monoverse Remix) [RaveUp Records] 
Johnny Yono, Monoverse & Somna – Hijackers [Lange Recordings] 
Saer & Cadence & Monoverse – P.M.E. [Coldharbour Recordings] 
Monoverse – Supercell [FSOE Excelsior] 
Monoverse & Sam Matla – Collider [Always Alive Recordings] 
Monoverse & Leolani – Take You Away [Always Alive Recordings] 
Monoverse – Gargantua [Lange Recordings] 
Monoverse – One Way To LA [Statement! / Armada Music] 
Koishii & Hush feat. Kate Peters – Freefall (Monoverse Remix) [Grammaton] 
Kenneth Thomas feat. Sarah Masterson – Light These Chords (Monoverse Remix) [IAMPHOENIX] 
Exostate – Cruel (Monoverse Remix) [Digital Society Recordings] 
Danny Chen feat. Nicole Rodriguez – Everything We Lost (Monoverse Remix) [Alter Ego] 
Monoverse – Anathema [Digital Society Recordings] 


Kamil Esten feat. Alex Staltari – Won’t Be The Same (Monoverse Remix) [Sir Adrian Music] 
Monoverse & Adam Shornys – Recoil [Lange Recordings] 
Monoverse – Kheira / Fraction EP [Infrasonic Recordings] 
Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy – The Way Back Home (Monoverse Remix) [Always Alive Recordings] 
Monoverse – Forsaken [Digital Society Recordings] 
Monoverse – Glide Incl. Dave Horne & Sunset Remixes [Alter Ego Recordings] 
Davoud – Canis Majoris (Monoverse Remix) [Progressive House WorldWide] 
Vasaris – Days Of Future Past (Monoverse Remix) [AEZ Recordings] 
Monoverse – Ascend / Mobile EP [Infrasonic Recordings] 


Morvan – And She Smiles (Monoverse Remix) [Infrasonic Recordings] 
Avii – Number 7 (Monoverse Remix) [Alter Ego Recordings] 
Monoverse – Moonlight Division / Altostratus EP [Alter Ego Recordings] 
Monoverse & Cintra – Fristii EP [Infrasonic Recordings] 
Andy Tau – Fable (Monoverse Remix) [Infrasonic Recordings] 
Monoverse – Altera [Discover Records] 
Monoverse & Blugazer – First Wave [Alter Ego Progressive]